About the Owners

Christine Smith began her nanny career when she was 18. Having been a teacher’s assistant at Fox Valley Montessori and also working for three different families over an eight year span, Christine has gathered an immense amount of hands on experience. She has formed relationships with children and developed a long lasting relationship with each family.

Christine’s favorite part about being a nanny is having the ability to help a child grow and learn important life lessons. She truly believes one of the most important aspects of her job is making the parents feel 100% comfortable knowing their children are safe and being taken care of.

Christine is a dedicated nanny who loves building caring relationships and says “I truly enjoy what I do and look forward to helping nannies and families experience that same joy!”

Samantha Reuter has always had a passion for children, and began babysitting at the age of 10 years old. She continued to babysit for family and friends throughout her high school and college years. In college Samantha obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Southern Illinois University, only to discover this wasn’t the career path she wanted to pursue. Her love of children inspired her to follow her heart and become a nanny!

Throughout her 6 years of being a nanny she fell completely in love with the day-to-day joy she experienced with the children she took care of. She truly values the bond that is created with both the children and the parents she has worked for. Samantha has worked with 3 separate families and remains in contact with all of them.

Samantha couldn’t be happier about adjusting her career focus and says, “I want the families we work with to feel like their nanny is an extension of the family and vice versa, which in my opinion, is the best perk of the job.”

The Beginning of our Agency: Nannies to Love

The idea of Nannies to Love all started with the blossoming of a friendship. Samantha Reuter and Christine Smith met one afternoon at picnic in the park in downtown Hinsdale. Both were full-time nannies for local Hinsdale families.

After their first time meeting they decided to host play dates at local parks, bounce houses and their local families homes. Having connected on a very special level they’re now the best of friends. They both have a great passion and love for taking care of children saying “our goal is to make the kids feel safe and comfortable while in our care. We believe that having fun and laughing a lot is key!”

Through time spent getting to know one another they both displayed an interest in taking their nannying career to the next level. Nannies to Love was established from the mutual vision of their desire to help parents find a truly special, one-of-a-kind caregiver for their children. Nannies to Love was born and is happy to help find you the perfect nanny for both you and your children.

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