Placing A Nanny To Love With Your Family

Our one-time agency placement fee is dependent upon how many hours you are hiring your nanny to work weekly.

PERMANENT PLACEMENT                                                     TEMPORARY PLACEMENT
1-15 hours- $1000                                                                               90 Days or less- $625
16-29 hours- $1,500                                                                          30 Days or less- $250
30+ hours- $2,000

Please Note: A $250.00 non-refundable deposit is required upon the signing of our agency contract, this deposit is applied towards your entire placement fee. Your remaining placement fee balance will be due upon a successful hire only

*3-month no charge replacement nanny for permanent positions

*We do not submit payments from you to your nanny. You will pay your nanny directly based on the agreed upon amount (salary or hourly) at the time of hire*

What We Cover

Nannies to Love does an extensive background check on your soon-to-be nanny. This includes a national and local criminal background check, registered sex offender check, driving record and social security verification. The cost of two background checks is covered by Nannies to Love. Any additional background checks must be paid by the client.

Fees For On-Call Babysitting Services

$20- 1 Babysitting Placement
$60- 4 Babysitting Placements for One Month (Placements per month DO NOT roll over to the following month)

**Due to a high volume of cancellations, once we send you a confirmed sitter for the date you requested coverage, if you cancel you will still be charged half of the placement fee**

**The agency babysitting placement fee is separate from what you will pay your sitter hourly**

**Nannies to Love babysitters MUST be requested through our agency and not personally contacted. If babysitters are contacted personally, our services will no longer be available to you**


Additional Fees For The Family (If Applicable)

First Aid Certification and CPR Certification