Potty Training Tips


Potty Training Tips

Watching your child grow up is such a special time, they begin to talk and venture off on their own! One of the biggest and toughest transitions is saying goodbye to diapers. An important thing to remember is every child is different during this process so do your best to find out what works best for your child!


I know it can seem like a bad idea to offer a special treat for using the potty but it really does help the process. Whether is it a small piece of candy or a sticker, a reward is a great incentive to get your little one moving in the right direction!

Weekend in:

The three day technique if you want to get things done quickly! Get ready for a weekend in and messes to clean up.  This process involves putting training underwear on all weekend and letting your child feel when their wet or dirty.  Make sure before starting this process that your child is showing interest in the potty. Hunker down and dedicate your weekend to getting rid of those diapers!

Potty Chart:

Create a calendar with your little one! Each day they go without an accident they get to put a sticker up a sticker for that day. At the end of the week  they get a special prize. When they go full a month without any accidents take your child somewhere special to celebrate!

Changing Themselves:

When your child has an accident have them take off their dirty clothes, wipe themselves, put them in the wash and put new clothes on (with a little assistance if needed). This helps them see how much work goes into changing their own clothes when they don’t use the potty.


No matter what process you use, always show lots of excitement  each time they go potty. Kids love to be congratulated on something they’ve done and it encourages them to try again in order to get that response again.

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