Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Activities

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for kids! There are so many fun crafts, games and of course a Valentine’s Party filled with candy and cards for everyone. Spread some Valentine love and try these fun activities with your little ones.

Valentine’s Lei


•Cut up hearts
•Straws (white or colorful)


1.Cut out hearts 9-13 pieces (depending on how long you’d like it)







2.Cut the straws 1 ½ inches





3.Let each child color and decorate their own hearts (polka dots,rainbows, let them be creative)


4.Begin your pattern with a straw then a heart and continue adding on until you end with a straw.






5.Tie them on and have a fun Valentine’s Party 🙂


Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

How to Play

1.Listen to the riddle and find the next clue

2.Each clue is shaped as a heart

3.Put the clues together to figure out our fun activity


•When you get ready for bed you brush your teeth and change your clothes then snuggle up for a bedtime show!

• Here is where you close your eyes go and find your next surprise.

• Find this last clue and the hunt is through, all you need to do is go find a shoe!

At the end of the scavenger hunt it can lead to a craft to do as a family or a Valentine’s Day surprise.

Heart Shaped Food Ideas

All you need is a heart shaped cookie cutter and you can cut just about anything to make your Valentine’s Day festive!

•Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

•Grilled Cheese Sandwich


•Pizza Slices


Have fun with the children making these fun hearts!

  Happy Valentine’s Day from Nannies to Love!

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